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Welcome to Creature Comforters UK
The English Flower Essence Company

Home of the Original Pet Blends and Genuine Bach Flower Remedies
Gentle, effective help for emotional and behavioural problems - Naturally

Natural Pet Blends used for Stress, Fear, Separation Anxiety, Anger, Training, Nervousness, behaviour problems etc.
Recommended by vets & trainers
Creature Comforters Top Seller
The complete range of Genuine Bach Flower Remedies.
Made using Dr Bach's traditional 1930s methods, and from the Birthplace of Bach's Remedies
Creature Comforters Top Seller
Flower Essence Blends used for Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Sleep, Stage Fright, Confidence, Feeling Low etc.
Natural help for life's pressures
Fragranced Sprays
Special Flower Essence infused sprays with Essential Oils. Gentle body sprays used for aura protection & chakra balancing
Bach Divination Cards
Pack of 38 beautifully illustrated cards with photos, drawings, positive affirmations & quotes.
The perfect accompaniment to the Bach Flower Remedies.
Creature Comforters Top Seller
'Mother' Essence Tinctures
Concentrated Pure Tinctures for manufacturers. The complete range of all 38 Bach Flower Remedies, supplying manufacturers with quality essences around the world.



About us

Creature Comforters UK is an English Flower Essence Company. We make a range of natural products for people and animals and for over 35 years have supplied our Blends, Remedies and Essences to holistic therapists, veterinary surgeons, animal rescue centres and to people and their pets around the world.The staff of Creature Comforters have a wealth of expertise in the field of alternative therapies and, specifically, Flower Essences as practitioners, producers, tutors and authors. We have been making Flower Essences for over three decades to the precise natural and traditional instructions of Dr Bach (the man who discovered the Remedies - here in our hometown - in the 1930s). This means that ours are Genuine Bach Flower Remedies.

Using analysis of hundreds of case studies we are proud to have developed and manufactured the Original Pet Blends - used by caring pet owners around the world for over 25 years.

Our home is in the English seaside town of Cromer on the North Norfolk coast. This is the same town that Dr Bach resided whilst discovering and developing the now famous 'Bach Flower Remedies' and his 'Rescue Remedy™' in the 1930s, and we feel privileged to continue this important work from its original roots -

from the birthplace of Bach's Remedies

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Bach Flower Remedies
Our Genuine Bach Flower Remedies


Cromer, where Dr Bach resided in the 1930s and the hometown of Creature Comforters UK




Our Product Ranges
Creature Comforters Top Seller

The Original Pet Blends, Geuine Bach Flower Remedies, Creature Comforters' Flower Essences, Dosage dropper bottles, Fragranced Sprays and Bach Divination Cards

Bach Remedy Gift Set
............... Bach Flower Remedy Gift Set
............... Bach Gift Set in Japanese


Dropper Dosage Bottles

Fragranced Sprays with Flower Essences and Essential Oils

Bach Flower Divination Cards
Dosage Bottles Fragranced Sprays Bach Divination Cards
Bach Cards in Japanese





Pet Blends in Squeezy bottles
Pet Blends in Glass Bottles
Pet Blends in Glass bottles
Bach Flower Remedy Set
Genuine Bach Flower Remedies
Flower Essences
Unique Flower Essences 'CCFE'
Flower Essence Blends for People
Peoples' Blends



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Remedy Making





Creature Comforters'
Flower Essence Blends

We use a carefully chosen combination of Bach Flower Remedies and other important Flower Essences (the 'CCFE') as the ingredients for our Pet Blends and our Blends for People.

With decades of experience as Flower Essence Practitioners we have gained valuable knowledge on which Remedies and Essences are suited to which particular emotional or behavioural problem in our clients, be they people, or every type of animal such as dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, even llamas!

The detailed case studies we have gathered over the years, and the thousands of clients we've helped, has enabled us to choose the optimum combination of Remedies and Essences ('Mother Essence Tinctures') as ingredients for our special Flower Essence Blends - the Creature Comforters' Pet Blends and Peoples' Blends. They are for the six most common emotional and behavioural problems experienced by animals, such as for stress, nervousness, separation anxiety, apathy, anger, hyperactivity and training, and for four of the most frequently experienced transitory mood problems in people, such as feeling: stressed, low, down, weary, a lack of confidence or assertiveness and sleep stress. Our range of Flower Essence Blends are used to help soothe such problems in people and animals. They are natural, gentle, effective, easy to use and are suitable for people and pets of all ages.

We make and bottle all our products by hand, there is no machinery, no conveyor belts, no automated robots employed in the making of our Blends and Remedies!

Each and every bottle is made with dedicated care and attention.
















Creature Comforters' Range of
Flower Essence Blends
for People and Animals



Pet Blends for Animals Creature Comforters Top Seller
The Complete Range of all Six Pet Blends.
Gentle help for emotional & behavioural problems - naturally. From £7.90 GBP
Relax Blend
Comfort Blend






Peoples Blends
The four Peoples' Blends. Gentle help for the pressures of everyday life. £7.90 GBP
Chill Out
Sweet Dreams


Note: if you are unable to choose the correct 'ready made' Blend (because either the uses are not specific to you or you need aspects or more than one Blend), we recommend using our Consultation Service for a Personalised Blend...






Creature Comforters UK
is a member of BAFEP
The British Association of Flower Essence Producers

BAFEP is an international trade association for all producers of Bach Flower Remedies and other types of Essences. Although BAFEP began as a representative for UK essence producers, it now supports essence producers on all five continents. It holds information and advises on the standards of production, labelling and advertising in accordance with the guidelines as laid down in law by various UK governmental agencies, which often reflect those held by other countries.


Creature Comforters UK is a member of the BFVEA
The Brit
ish Flower and Vibrational Essences Association

A professional organisation which has been established for over 12 years and sets the highest standards of competence and performance in the essence field. Our membership consists of practitioners and tutors of flower and vibrational essence therapy from around the world and we aim to support and serve their best interests as well as providing an information resource and directory of practitioners for the general public and set guidelines for accredited courses. Our practitioners participate in a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Jane Stevenson, MD Creature Comforters, is an Advanced Practitioner registered with BFVEA


Registered with GRCCT
The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies

The UK Federal Regulator for Complementary Therapies

Registration Number: 643214


Creature Comforters UK is a member of the FSB
Federation of Small Businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses is the UK's largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting self-employed and owners of small firms. Formed in 1974, it now has 200,000 members across 33 regions and 194 branches.


A Vogel Bioforce

Creature Comforters UK supply the leading natural health company Bioforce UK with our concentrated 'Mother Essence Tinctures'

Our MET are used to make Bioforce's entire range of Flower Essence Blends, supplied exclusively by Creature Comforters and Sun Essences (our sister company).
Bioforce is one of the foremost and oldest of such companies, whose wide range of trusted herbal products have been available in natural health stores throughout the UK for many decades.
A. Vogel has been a pioneer in
natural health since 1923.



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